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Client Testimonials

You Must Hire This Guy

I found Brett by doing either a Google or Yelp search. From the first conversation, he was super patient, seemed to genuinely care, and followed up with my issue. After hiring him, I found that he is extremely responsive and easy to get a hold of. He just doesn’t carry that jerk lawyer vibe that so many other lawyers do. I recommend him!

-Maria D. Austin, TX

A Sharp Legal Lens

Whether you need help getting your start-up entrepreneurial endeavor in motion or you need advice and services from someone with a sharp legal lens, Brett is the man. He has a broad brush of experience in these realms and is a pleasure to work with.

-Anthony K. Austin, TX

As Good As It Gets

Brett is an excellent Attorney. He helped me with some legal stuff for my business. He responds quickly to calls and emails and he really knows his stuff. I have never worked with an attorney I feel I could trust as much as Brett. He really cares about his clients and helped me through some pretty stressful matters and made me feel at ease. I highly recommend Brett for your business legal matters. He is as good as it gets and a complete pleasure to work with. I will continue to use him in the future for any legal business matters.

-Peter B. Austin, TX

The Right Choice

Brett Cenkus is an outstanding attorney who is 100% committed to his clients and their success both professionally and personally. He represented my partners and me in a challenging acquisition and continues to provide ongoing consulting services. His dedication was evident when he spent countless hours researching our industry to better understand our business model and value proposition. He did this on his own volition to ensure he could represent us with confidence and did not charge us for the additional time. Brett is a true professional and operates his practice with uncompromising standards.

-Jeremy, Houston, TX

Impressive Legal Skills

Having been a top executive with many of the leading hospitality companies in America, I’ve worked with large numbers of high-level corporate business lawyers. Brett Cenkus doesn’t only demonstrate impressive legal skills; he also has the ability to think through very complex business transactions at the highest level competency of any attorney that I’ve ever worked with. I would strongly recommend him to any enterprise large or small.

-Patrick, Austin, TX

Intelligent, Innovative & Thinks Outside of the Box

I’ve know Mr Cenkus nearly 15 years. His advice has been spot in areas not just related to law but also changing economic trends. He is one of the most important game changers I’ve ever known. I’ve become smarter because of him. Highly recommended.

-Roger S. Austin, TX

Amazing Corporate Lawyer

I’ve known Brett since 2001 when he and I worked together. Since then, we have been involved in businesses together and he has served as my lawyer in a number of ventures, as well as on some personal matters. He is conscientious and honest. He knows all about business and is an amazing corporate lawyer.

-Oran W. Austin, TX

The Best Attorney I’ve Ever Dealt With

He was very straightforward and respectful of his time and charges going over and above the call of duty. He kept our business from making huge mistakes and saw right through the other lawyer’s deeds. I would highly recommend him. He showed great expertise in a wide variety of areas. Thanks Brett!!


Brett Cenkus Delivers

I’ve known Brett for 10 years. He’s handled a number of legal matters for me. He does what he says he will do and delivers when he says he will. He is effective and communicates well.

-Rudy, Austin, TX

Wonderful Direction for My Small Start-Up

Brett helped me set up my new LLC in New Jersey, where I am a new small business owner. He is very knowledgeable about the process and was able to explain all the steps involved in understandable and practical terms. He always responded to my emails & calls quickly, and helped me think through business related legal issues and risks that applied to my company. I am very grateful for his services, and would highly recommend working with Brett.

-Karin, Apex, NC

More Than an Attorney. A Trusted Business Partner.

Brett’s been my lawyer for a long time now. He is very quick to respond to emails/calls and uses simple, understandable language to explain legal concepts. More than anything, he understands my needs as a business person. He gets my business – its challenges and opportunities. He is more than my lawyer…he is a trusted business partner.

-Jacqueline, Wheaton, IL

A Fantastic Lawyer

Mr. Cenkus has been a fantastic lawyer. He’s very responsive and well informers in what he practices. Not only is he very professional he is also laid back so it’s almost like working with a friend. He has great pricing and won’t micro charge you for every little thing like many other lawyers will. I am definitely a happy client!

-Arturo, Austin, TX

Great Business Attorney for Start-ups

Brett has been a tremendous help for my startup company’s business organizational documents, employee contracts and vendor contracts, all while keeping legal fees reasonable. We’ll happily continue working with him and recommend him to others.

-Anonymous, Austin, TX

Highly Recommended for Any Small Business Owner

Brett has been an extraordinary find for our rapidly growing small business. We needed an attorney for a broad range of needs, from restructuring to ongoing legal matters that arise over the course of day-to-day activities. After some time looking for the right lawyer, we really are pleased to have found Mr Cenkus. He is very knowledgeable across a range of issues. He is responsive when matters that are time sensitive in nature arise, but also has helped us through longer and complex matters that took many months as well. His approach was exactly what I was looking for, not only in terms of his skill and demeanor, but also in his efforts build a long term relationship with me and my business. I sleep much better at night knowing, no matter what may come up the next day, we have an attorney of such skill at our side, who knows and cares about our small business, and is just a call or email away should we need counsel. I have worked with hundreds of attorney over the years. Mr. Cenkus is an able and trusted counselor. I highly recommend him to any small business owner.

-Dave, Austin, TX

Amazing Corporate Lawyer

I’ve known Brett since 2001 when he and I worked together. Since then, we have been involved in businesses together and he has served as my lawyer in a number of ventures, as well as on some personal matters. He is conscientious and honest. He knows all about business and is an amazing corporate lawyer.

-Oran W. Austin, TX

Exemplary Attorney. Bright & Creative.

Mr. Cenkus is an exemplary attorney and I would not hesitate to hire him again. My first impression of him was that he took the time to listen to what you were saying. After considering my lengthy explanation of my case, Brett was able to ascertain what my core problem was and communicated his strategy in a way that was absent all of the legal jargon that often comes when speaking with a lawyer. He is bright and creative. I was extremely happy with his advice and the work he performed for my company.

-Nate, Austin, TX

My Legal Counsel for 3 Ventures

I couldn’t be happier with Cenkus Law. Brett Cenkus has been my legal counsel for three ventures and I have no plans on using anyone else. He’s super practical and really understands the nuisances of business law because he can think though problems as a lawyer and as a business person. Not to mention his fees are more than reasonable.

-Tom H. Austin, TX

Genuinely Cared About the Success of Our Business

Before my wife and I started our business, we were told repeatedly to find the best business attorney. We wanted an attorney that took the time to get to know us on a personal level. My thinking was that if they didn’t really know us – what our company vision and dreams are, why should they really care about our success? Eventually we found Brett. Trust me when I say that Brett Cenkus is more than an attorney. While Brett is an excellent attorney, he also has a wealth of business experience and knowledge and he wants to share it with us to make sure we are successful as possible. He has been a business guide, always making sure we our headed in the right direction. If you hire Brett as your attorney, you will get a person who not only has the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your business goals, but also has the sincere desire to do so.

-Roll G. Austin, TX

He Always Has My Back

When it comes to doing business deals, you need a lawyer that is intelligent and works hard. About 80% of lawyers qualify based on that. You also need a lawyer that really understands business and negotiating and can help you get deals done while protecting your interests, and someone who truly understands what makes people tick. About 1 in 1,000 lawyers qualify based on these needs. Brett Cenkus is one of those lawyers – he gets business, he gets people, and he always has my back.

-Anonymous, Austin,TX

You’re in Good Hands with Him

Brett helped me work through some legal issues facing my business. He responds quickly to phone calls and he really cares. You’re in good hands with him!

-Typhanie N. Austin,TX

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