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Brett Cenkus

Brett has been out of law school for almost two decades. Just over half that time, he has been a lawyer (what the state bars call “primarily engaged in the practice of law”). The other slightly less than half the time, he (a) started, grew and sold a residential mortgage brokerage; (b) started, grew and shuttered a chemical company; and (c) worked as a corporate development executive and venture capitalist in Silicon Valley during Dotcom 1.0. So, he’s done a few different things. He often describes himself as a businessman trapped in a lawyer’s body.

Brett Cenkus’ Resume

  • Licensed in Texas & Delaware
  • Former Big Firm Lawyer (Skadden Arps)
  • Harvard Law Graduate
  • 18+ Years Experience
  • Former Public Company General Counsel
  • Former Venture Capitalist
  • Founder of Six Companies

What Does This Mean For You When Choosing a Business Lawyer?

It means Brett thinks a little differently than most corporate attorneys. He’s been in your shoes – purchasing legal services. We know it can be frustrating to always be wondering what is being done and how long it takes. Hence, why we try to work on a flat basis as often as we can. We’ll talk to you a lot about what we are doing and why, and we’ll look to you to participate in that conversation. We won’t tell you what to do. We’ll tell you the pros and cons and help you make decisions. We look for clients that share our philosophy of business and the world, that it’s complex and messy and we should do everything we can to make it more clear and simple, which means focusing on the issues that really matter while ignoring the noise and the risks that are more theoretical than practical. The world of law and business is often gray. We do our best to give you a clear light on the path, but we need you to show up and be involved – to give us information and feedback. In the words of Jerry Maguire, “help me, help you.”

We are based in Austin but have clients all over, especially throughout Texas. We have some technology clients scattered throughout the country (tech companies tend to be more comfortable operating virtually and generally look for the business attorney who fits them best regardless of location). Brett is licensed in Texas and Delaware, the hub of corporate law in the U.S. If you’re working on contracts, raising capital, M&A and other things we call “transactional law,” (for a list of the services we provide, visit my services page) it’s likely we can help you wherever you are. If what we say on this site resonates with you and you have a need to talk to a business attorney, give us a call. We will shoot straight with you, letting you know if we can help you or not and, if not, hopefully point you in the right direction to solve your legal challenges and navigate the world of law and business.

About Robert Cherry

Robert Cherry

Robert Cherry is a business, entertainment, and intellectual property attorney with Cenkus Law. He uses his background in litigation and transactional work to help creative and emerging companies in the arts & entertainment, digital media, technology, professional services, and fashion industries. He strives to help clients achieve their business goals and manage their legal risk.

Robert’s services include:

  • Advising businesses on employment matters, including preparing employment agreements and advising on employment issues;
  • Forming companies, including structuring partner/founder relationships;
  • Mergers and acquisitions – documenting, negotiating, and closing M&A deals;
  • Corporate finance transactions, including structuring equity and debt investments and guiding clients through federal and state securities law matters;
  • Copyright and trademark registrations; and
  • Negotiating and drafting commercial leases.

He is especially passionate about enforcing the rights of small businesses, artists, and content creators. He regularly represents clients in copyright infringement claims against many of the nation’s largest retailers, film and television studios, websites, and news organizations. He also represents clients in matters related to partnership disputes and shareholder oppression.

Robert holds a license to practice law in both Texas and California.

In his free time, Robert stays active in the local Austin music scene–either promoting independent music or performing in one of his bands.


Cenkus Law empowers growing companies to solve the complex challenges that live at the intersection of law and business.  Yes, Cenkus Law is a law firm although not like any firm you’ve seen before.  With a sharply reasoned legal mind and a passionate entrepreneurial heart, Cenkus Law delivers holistic solutions that are in sync with the culture, goals and values of your organization. Further, Cenkus Law employs an innovative flat-rate billing system that eliminates “the meter is running” legal fees and conforms to your budget. You set the parameters, we work together to deliver the best possible solutions. In the realm of law firms, it’s an approach that is so simple, it’s revolutionary.

Within business law, there are few black and white answers—there are solutions derived from acumen, understanding + heart. The work we can do for you falls on a continuum from “could do” to “should do” to “must do.” Together, we’ll determine the best approaches for you as you navigate the legal landscape.

In Cenkus Law, you’ll find a partner uniquely equipped to provide the real-world solutions you need.

And we will do it in a way that will reset your expectations about how awesome a business law firm can be.

Cenkus Law. With your best interests, our mind.

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