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These resources will prove helpful whether you’re just forming your business, in need of capital, or are just in need of some local tools and resources. I have no affiliation with any of the resources below, I just hope you find them helpful. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions that may arise.

  • Texas Private Equity Firms

  • Resources for Small Business Owners and Startups in Austin

  • Government Agencies

  • Resources for Mergers and Acquisitions

Texas Private Equity Firms

If you’re seeking the level of capital that these private equity firms provide, you’re probably at Series B and C Funding Rounds or beyond. Private equity firms also often provide turn-around and acquisition capital. Replenishing the coffers with fresh capital ensures that things won’t fizzle out just as they’re truly starting to come together.

Blue Sage Capital – Austin, TX
Blue Sage is specializes in growth, recapitalization and buyout financings of small middle market companies with initial investment ranging from $10 million to $20 million.

CenterGate Capital – Austin, TX
CenterGate Capital is a private equity firm focused on improving and growing lower middle market companies with revenues of $20 to $250 million.

Coalition Ventures – Austin, TX
Coalition is primarily focused on growth-stage investments in media, entertainment, creative services, and related industries.

Dos Rios Partners – Austin, TX
Dos Rios Partners, L.P. is a private equity partnership that invests in the junior-securities of proven, growing niche businesses with approximately $2.0 – $10.0 million in EBITDA.

Spindletop Capital – Austin, TX
Spindletop Capital is a growth capital investment firm focused on providing expansion capital for commercial stage healthcare companies.

Argenta Partners – Dallas, TX
Argenta Partners LP private equity firm that invests in controlling equity interests of lower middle market companies with the potential for further development and growth with industry interests including Manufacturing, Distribution, Services, Transportation and Healthcare.

CIC Partners – Dallas, TX
CIC Partners is a middle-market private equity firm that invests in growth-oriented companies primarily in the food, restaurant, healthcare and energy industries.

Clavis Capital Partners – Dallas, TX
Clavis Capital Partners is a private equity firm focused on control investments in the manufacturing and industrial services sectors primarily investing in under-resourced, lower middle-market businesses with a minimum of $1m in EBITDA and a capability for substantial growth.

Elm Creek Partners – Dallas, TX
Elm Creek makes controlling equity investments in middle market companies in Texas and surrounding states with proven business models, $5 – $50 million in revenue, and $2 – $8 million of EBITDA for new platforms.

Evolve Capital – Dallas, TX
Evolve Capital is a private equity firm focused exclusively on leveraged recapitalizations of entrepreneurial businesses with earnings between $2-5 million.

G&H Ventures Dallas, TX
G&H typically invests in small to mid-size private companies with capable management teams, fundamentally strong operations and track records that need capital and strategic help to “get to the next level”.

Highlander Partners – Dallas, TX
Highlander Partners, L.P. is a private equity investment firm specializing in management buyout, leveraged buyout, strategic acquisitions, turnaround, growth capital, divestiture, consolidation, and recapitalization investments in small- to mid-size private companies.

Hillstar Capital – Dallas, TX
Hillstar Capital is focused on partnering with business owners and management teams to build durable business value over time. They also provide capital to companies with owners who desire liquidity or asset diversification, including full ownership transition.

Kainos Capital – Dallas, TX
Kainos Capital, a middle market private equity firm focused on the food and consumer sector.

Latticework Capital Management – Dallas TX
Latticework Capital Management is a private equity firm focused on control equity investments in lower-middle market healthcare companies.

LongWater Opportunities – Dallas, TX
LongWater Opportunities is an operationally-focused private equity firm that targets control buyout equity investments in lower middle market U.S. based manufacturing companies.

NCK Capital – Dallas, TX
NCK’s focus is on acquiring controlling interests in Lower Middle Market companies that generate $2 million and $10 million in annual EBITDA.

Pharos Capital Group – Dallas, TX
Pharos is primarily provides capital to established healthcare companies based in the United States, providing funding for acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, management buyouts, and recapitalizations of cash flowing businesses.

Progress Equity – Dallas, TX
Progress Equity is a private equity investment firm that acquires majority control of well-managed, entrepreneurial, service-based businesses.

Stonehenge Capital – Dallas, TX
Stonehenge Capital is a specialty finance company with expertise in structured tax credit finance, community development and private equity.

Thesauros Capital Partners – Dallas, TX
Thesauros Capital Partners, LP is a private investment “pledge fund” partnership in formation focused on sourcing, sponsoring and assisting in managing lower-middle-market (“LMM”) private equity investment opportunities with superior growth and value creation opportunities.

Transition Capital Partners – Dallas, TX
Transition Capital Partners is a private equity firm investing in leveraged recapitalizations and management buyouts of well-managed, entrepreneurial, middle market businesses.

Ascent Equity Group – Houston, TX
Ascent Equity Group (AEG) is a Texas-based investment firm that seeks to make controlling acquisitions and provide operational leadership to companies with $1-$7MM of EBITDA.

The Catalyst Group – Houston, TX
The Catalyst Group specializes in providing tailored, value-added capital solutions to middle-market businesses that span numerous industries.

Cross Border Growth Fund – Houston, TX
Cross Border Growth Fund is a financial sponsor that takes emerging growth companies through the IPO process, raising $10-$100 million on the TSX-V and AiM markets.

Day4ward Capital – Houston, TX
Day4ward Capital is a boutique Private Equity firm most specifically focused on the upstream oil and gas space.

Main Street Capital – Houston, TX
Main Street Capital Corporation is a principal investment firm that provides long-term debt and equity capital to lower middle market companies.

Platform Partners LLC – Houston, TX
Platform seeks to invest between $10 and $75 million of equity capital in companies with a history of operating profitability.

Pummerin Investments – Houston, TX
Pummerin Investments is a private equity fund based in Houston established to make investments in small businesses to provide equity capital for growth, liquidity, or restructuring.

SCF Parnters – Houston, TX
SCF’s typical investment range consists of $20 – $200 million of upfront SCF equity, often followed by incremental capital to support strategic acquisitions and internal growth initiatives.

Tulcan – Houston, TX
Tulcan invests, generally, in private companies with acquisition values ranging between $5 and $50 million, with $2 to $12 million of equity in each portfolio company.

Baymark Partners – Plano, TX
Baymark Partners is a Dallas-based private equity firm investing in growing middle market IT, healthcare, business and distribution services, as well as lite manufacturing providing owners with liquidity and companies with resources to accelerate their growth.

Gauge Capital – Southlake, TX
Gauge Capital is a private equity firm that makes majority and minority investments in growth-oriented service business with platform investments typically north of $4 million EBITDA.

Insight Equity – Southlake, TX
Insight Equity makes control investments in strategically viable, middle market, asset-intensive companies across a wide range of industries.

Integrita Capital Partners – Southlake, TX
Integrita Capital Partners LLC is an operationally focused private equity firm that invests in the acquisition of family businesses, management buyouts and corporate divestitures in the United States and Canada.

Resources for Small Business Owners and Startups in Austin

So you’ve started a new business, congratulations! Here’s the next step: legally recognizing your dream. If you’re looking to set up a liability cushion you may want to read more about deciding between an LLC or S-Corp. If you’re already an established small to medium sized business, these resources will still prove helpful.

Tightly curated lists of the best startup tools for a variety of your business’s needs.

Find a CPA
Two people that will reduce stress in your business career the most – a great lawyer, and a fantastic accountant. Austin CPA finder is a great place to start your search for a local accountant.

Austin’s Small Business Program
This site a great starting point for anyone starting a small business in Austin. Here, you’ll find classes, events,

Austin Public Library
You can find a surprising amount of value in the business and nonprofit database of the Austin Public Library.

Locally Austin
A tool for locally owned small businesses in the Austin community. It can serve as a great resource to research other businesses in your field, and a place you should definitely list your business if you’re local to Austin.

Receive mentoring and advice from local volunteers and fellow entrepreneurs.

BIG Austin
BiGAUSTIN is a Central Texas non-profit for entrepreneurial education, tailored business counseling and flexible loans.

Texas Economic Development Corporation Resources
At the TxEDC, you’ll find loads more resources from economic reports by industry to legal requirements and tax structures.

Capital Factory
Capital Factory is a hub for entrepreneurs in Austin. It’s a co-working space, incubator, and great source for education and networking opportunities.

Tech Ranch
Tech Ranch is another supportive entrepreneurial community local to Austin. You can find a coworking, office space or programs to help grow your endeavor.

Government Agencies

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
The State of Texas does not require a general “business” license; however, there are a number of regulatory agencies that have licensing and permitting requirements based on the type of service, or products associated with your business. Visit TDLR to determine state permit and licensing requirements for you business.

U.S. Small Business Administration
The SBA is a great source for supporting information to your business from FAQ’s to how-to’s.

IRS – Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center
Resources for taxpayers who file Form 1040, Schedules C, E, F or Form 2106, as well as small businesses with assets under $10 million.

Texas Secretary of State Business and Nonprofit Forms
Here you’ll find all the forms you’ll need for your business in the state of Texas.

Texas Comptroller
Visit the comptroller website for all your state tax information.

OSHA compliance is an important consideration if it applies to your business. If it does, you’ll want to refer to the OSHA site for more information.

Formation in the State of Delaware
The State of Delaware is a leading domicile for U.S. and international business entities. See my article on considerations on incorporating in Delaware.

Resources for Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a business, these resources will help your aim. Making sure the deal is properly structured is where someone like me comes in. For more information on M&A deal structures, read ways to Structure Company Sales and Purchases. If you’re buying a business, you’ll want to make sure you understand How to Avoid Seller Liabilities When Buying a Business.

Aaron, Bell International
ABI clients are typically companies with EBITDA of $1 million to $25 million and enterprise values of $5 million to $250 million. ABI focuses on manufacturing, distribution, and service industries with an emphasis on industry leaders, niche markets, recurring revenue, and value added operations.

Benchmark International
Benchmark provides buy-side and sell-side advisory. It covers a range of industries including services, wholesale, manufacturing, and retail sectors with transactions ranging within the $1m to $100m mid-market value range.

CGK Business Sales
CGK provides mergers & acquisition and business broker services to businesses in the Central Texas Area.

Corporate Investment
Corporate Investment is a financial advisory company specializing in business sales and mergers and acquisitions. Corporate Investment advises middle-market businesses in mergers and acquisitions, typically with revenues between $2 million and $75 million.

Focus Strategies
Focus Strategies is an investment bank founded in 1999 located in Austin, Texas that works with middle market companies. The firm provides merger and acquisition advisory, private placements of equity and debt and corporate finance and valuation advisory

Griggs Business Brokers
Clarence Griggs has been helping Texas owners sell their businesses since 1996. Clarence Griggs has helped hundreds of business owners determine how best to plan and achieve their Exit Strategy.

Sunbelt Business Brokers
Sunbelt business brokers service both the Main Street and Middle Market sectors. While there is no one definition that clearly delineates these segments, they generally consider a Main Street business to be one valued at less than $1m, and Middle Market businesses to be valued above $1m.

The Swetman Group
The Swetman Group provides confidential, customized services for both sellers and buyers, tailored to enhance the fair market value of your business. These services are focused on the mid-market range of business from $200,000 to $25,000,000 in a variety of industries.