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Startups/Company Formations
Disputes & Litigation
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Outside General Counsel Services
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Harvard Law Graduate
Texas & Delaware Licensed
Former Big Firm Lawyer (Skadden Arps)
Former Public Company General Counsel
Former Venture Capitalist
Founder of Six Companies
19+ Years Experience
Angel Investor
Crypto-Currency Consultant


Impressive Legal Skills

Having been a top executive with many of the leading hospitality companies in America, I’ve worked with large numbers of high-level corporate business lawyers. Brett Cenkus doesn’t only demonstrate impressive legal skills; he also has the ability to think through very complex business transactions at the highest level competency of any attorney that I’ve ever worked with. I would strongly recommend him to any enterprise large or small.

-Patrick, Austin, TX

The Right Choice

Brett Cenkus is an outstanding attorney who is 100% committed to his clients and their success both professionally and personally. He represented my partners and me in a challenging acquisition and continues to provide ongoing consulting services. His dedication was evident when he spent countless hours researching our industry to better understand our business model and value proposition. He did this on his own volition to ensure he could represent us with confidence and did not charge us for the additional time. Brett is a true professional and operates his practice with uncompromising standards.

– Jeremy, Houston, TX

As Good As It Gets

Brett is an excellent Attorney. He helped me with some legal stuff for my business. He responds quickly to calls and emails and he really knows his stuff. I have never worked with an attorney I feel I could trust as much as Brett. He really cares about his clients and helped me through some pretty stressful matters and made me feel at ease. I highly recommend Brett for your business legal matters. He is as good as it gets and a complete pleasure to work with. I will continue to use him in the future for any legal business matters.

– Peter B. Austin, TX



About Cenkus Law

Cenkus Law empowers growing companies to solve the complex challenges that live at the intersection of law and business. In Cenkus Law, you’ll find a partner uniquely equipped to provide the real-world solutions you need, and we’ll do it in a way that will reset your expectations about how awesome a business law firm can be.

Yes, Cenkus Law is a law firm although not like any law firm you’ve seen before.

With sharply reasoned legal minds and a passionate entrepreneurial heart, Cenkus Law delivers holistic solutions that are in sync with the culture, goals and values of your organization. Further, Cenkus Law employs an innovative collaborative billing system that eliminates “the meter is running” legal fees and conforms to your budget. We work with you to set realistic parameters and to deliver the best possible solutions. In the realm of law firms, it’s an approach that is so simple, it’s revolutionary.

Cenkus Law. With your best interests, our mind.

Within business law, there are few black and white answers—there are solutions derived from acumen, understanding + heart. The work we can do for you falls on a continuum from “could do” to “should do” to “must do.” Together, we’ll determine the best approaches for you as you navigate the legal landscape.

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In Case You’re Wondering If We’re An Affordable Business Law Firm

Our primary office is in Austin, although we do work all over Texas, including Houston, Dallas and San Antonio (as an aside, since we are licensed in Delaware, the epicenter of US corporate law, we have clients all over the country, although mostly in Texas). One of the most common searches on the Internet for lawyers is “affordable business lawyer.” In the Texas markets, that holds true – many people search for affordable business attorneys. We know that because we see their searches in Google.

“Affordable” means different things to different people, although we expect all of our clients to be concerned somewhat about their budget. Business is competitive and it can be challenging and you need to use your dollars wisely to accomplish your business goals. And, a lot of corporate legal work doesn’t directly drive sales. Sure, a commercial lease, non-disclosure agreement, independent contractor agreement or supply or services agreement are necessary to operate, but clients often look at them as purely costs. So, they are understandably careful about what they spend getting that work done.

So, let’s get right to it. Here is our position on your legal budget. We will talk about it right up front. We do a lot on a flat fee basis. The flat fee is meant to share risk and to help us figure out the right budget for your work. If you’re buying a company for $100,000, you will (or should, at least) spend less money on legal services than if you are buying a company for $10 million. A flat fee is very useful for helping us figure out the right amount for you to spend. Sometimes, it’s not possible to work on anything but an hourly rate basis (e.g., if there is a lot of negotiation involved and it’s tough to estimate the total time we will spend on your work), although it still helps to think about and we always give you an estimate about the total cost.

We encourage you to search for a lawyer with something other than price as the primary driver. As they say, “nothing is more expensive than a cheap lawyer.” However, we get it – the cost of a lawyer matters when you’re selecting one. For instance, Brett currently bills at $455/hour. When he works on a flat fee or if a project ends us up taking a lot more time than either you or he ever expected, he often end up discounting his rate. Not always, but frequently.

Still, if that base hourly rate sounds super high to you, we understand. That means we’re probably not the right law firm for you. That hourly rate is 50% of what Brett would bill if he went back to a big law firm, so we view it as a tremendous value. So do many of our clients. But, it’s not our decision. It’s yours and we expect that the cost of a business lawyer will be one of many criteria you use to find the right trusted business law firm for your company. Just know that we will never hesitate to talk money with you and help you make smart decisions with your legal budget. It’s your money and we’ll never reach into your wallet to take it. These are your decisions and we are here to help you make them.

Hopefully, that’s enough information to allow you to determine if you think we are an affordable Texas business law firm.